Are you attending a Robot convention in 2022? Am I by chance attending it as well? Then you’re in luck! Along with an array of printed works I’ll be opening a limited commission list for every appearance.

Below are examples and prices for what I’d be offering on  every occasion.

Watercolor portraits, A6  1 character only PRICE:  80EU

Black and White ink or tone OR Watercolor, A4
 1 character PRICE:  100EU extra character +40EU

–Reply in the comments section below

–State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want and general information about what you’d like in a piece

–Once I accept the commission with a reply, the conversation about the artwork and payment can be moved into mail, if needed.

– I will only be able to accept CASH at the convention, no cards.

You can paypal me before the show any time after I accept the commission

– Keep it classy, no explicit, suggestive or excessively violent content.

– Fan characters are OK! Non-robot characters are OK! Please provide reference if possible

– Please respect creative freedom! No over the top incredibly specific details and props like “Reflector holding an exact replica of Canon Mark II with a fisheye lens that reflects the Tryptichon under attack while freefalling into abyss of despair and insecticons”

– PLEASE only order art if you or your representative can pick it up at the convention!